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As Trump’s reign of Clown-terror Fades: A look back at the Greatest Ads that helped Biden Win



Above: Photo Collage / Lynxotic

Wisconsin & Arizona Certified results while Georgia Republican Governor says he won’t break the law for his “hero”. The cards are stacking up against the criminal grifter in the WH and not in any way that was “rigged” by anyone but him. 

We are all still waiting for him to recede from the public discourse (haha not discourse in his case) but in the end it is ok to want to congratulate Biden and all of those that helped him win so we can all be rid of the terrorist clown club.

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Though there are many who do not look fondly on “never-Trumpers” like The Lincoln Project and plain that they had a self-serving agenda, nonetheless, they were a powerful force in countering the Russian-bot army that would possibly otherwise have made 2020 more like 2016. 

And the MeidasTouch, RVAT and others all contributed to the fight with great ads that kept people informed of the dangers of a second term for the maniac, and at the same time used his own words, actions and inactions to prove that he had to go, one way or another. 

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We’ve compiled some of the greatest hits here and think we should all give ourselves permission, one last time, to revel in the absurdity that this man was ever “leader of the free world” and how glad we are that ads like these will soon be in the history books (internet archives).

Trump will only accept victory otherwise election is rigged in Lincoln ad

Trump’s grand entrance emulates Putin during RNC 2020 and Twitter responses explode

Trump’s Cocaine Convention – Don Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle and more Screaming in Lincoln Project Ad

Get off the Trump Train Wreck this November in MeidasTouch ad

Paranoid. Delusional. Unhinged. Dangerous: Presidential?

Trump says “I will never speak to you again” if loses in new Joe Biden ad

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