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#AdamSchiffROCKS blows up on Twitter with 75k tweets as House Manager nails it in opening arguments



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Democrats get smart and use trial as an infomercial exposing Trump’s Crime Spree

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) may have been an underdog going into this predetermined “cover up” Senate trial to remove Donald Trump. There may never be less than 53 Republicans voting for whatever “Midnight Moscow Mitch” tells them to. But, regardless, they will not go down without laying out their case, with or without witnesses or documents, showing why Trump should be removed from office.

The power and eloquence of the speech , in the eyes of fellow Dems in any case, was so overwhelming that #AdamSchiffROCKS took off as a trending hashtag on Twitter and after almost 12 hours is still going strong.

Here are a few of the tweets extoling the virtues and clarity of “pencil neck” as the schoolyard bully in the White House has called him:

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