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Apple’s watchOS 7 brings Limitless Custom Watch Faces and Face Sharing




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During this year’s annual WWDC event, held for the first time as a virtual show, Apple showed off sneak peeks of all its new software OS updates. One of those updates is for the Apple Watch -with the watchOS 7, the company will be bringing lots of new style options specifically for Apple watch faces.

This will give users unlimited choices of faces to pick from as well as allowing them to choose how they wish to personalize, for example, which information they want to see at first glance.  There will be brand new “complications” to get you started and these include the two major rich complications Apple will offer with the coming update: the new Chronograph Pro face with a tachymeter and a new version of bold X-Large face. 

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With well over 20,000 Watch apps that are currently available in the Apple Watch App Store, there are an insanely huge variety of ways to get the most out of your device.

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One major way Apple is changing in the watchOS 7 update will be the ability to better and fully utilize the data from your favorite apps within the main screen of your watch. Users will be able to further customize the complications based on personal and style preferences.

It is already big news that there will be endless ways to configure your watch face that you can tailor fit to your unique personality. Adding a cherry on top, you will be able to share your custom watch faces with your friends, family and any other Apple Watch users. I’m ready to jump all over that!   

Share your Watch face creations with others

Apple Watch Face Sharing can be shared in a handful of different ways: through Messages, sending faces through e-mail, and even sharing through your social media account. You will also have the ability to share your customized watch face straight from your Apple Watch by press and holding (long-pressing) then choosing the share icon, which is a new feature to the update. 

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What about if someone wants to share their Apple Watch face with me?  This will also be a simple and easy process;  you can either use your iPhone and tap the link to open the Apple Watch app, or open the shared link through your Messages on your watch. 

The options are unlimited. If you get a shared watch face, you can keep it as-is, or you can further customize it to your liking. In addition to making your own Apple Watch Face creations, Apple has future plans to curate and spotlight some of the best customized Apple Watch face designs within its App Store. This will allow for users to discover even more new custom watch face options to add to their collections.

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