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ABC gambles on ‘Big Sky’ series but Ryan Phillippe Twist in Debut grabs Eyeballs



At the very least, ABC’s newest show, the mystery drama “Big Sky” is making headlines. 

The show marks writer and director David E. Kelley’s  returns to broadcast TV since 2013. Kelley is more recently known for his shows on HBO platform, “Big Little Lies” and the current show “The Undoing”. Critics have called it “surprising” and compelling – even while grappling with the built-in expectations that such a prolific writer / director / producer over such a long career. 

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The series revolves around private detectives Cassie Dewell played by Kylie Bunbury, Cody Hoyt  starring Ryan Phillippe who get together with former police officer Jenny Hoyt played by Katheryn Winnick, who is also Cody’s estranged wife.

The show is located in Montana where the characters team up to solve the kidnapping of two teenage girls and based on C.J. Box’s “The Highway” novels.  The depth of the social and psychological decay begins, over time to expose the dark underbelly of rural America.

The show is available to watch weekly on ABC or streaming on Hulu.

Somewhat of a spoiler alert coming; if you haven’t started the show, the first episode kills off one of the main characters.  A huge twist, at the final seconds of the premiere episode – Ryan Philippe’s character, Cody Hoyt is shot dead.

In an interview, Philippe commented on the premiere’s shocking ending 

“So often in entertainment you can see what’s coming a month away, and to have moments in a series like this where it kind of takes your breath away, when you are absolutely shocked and did not see it coming, it’s exciting to me.”

Kelly’s return to broadcast TV (after success at HBO) is a special event, in and of itself.. ABC, in the midst of a difficult production environment, due to the pandemic, decided, to forego the usual pilot-test phase and signed the show directly to a full series deal.

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