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From the looks of it Moscow Mitch and his sycophantic GOP senate will slam through Trumps SCOTUS pick with little the Dems can do to stop them.

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But there is something we can do. Stop the hypocrites where they stand – get rid of the senators that follow Moscow Mitch and Madman Trump like blind fools on a sinking ship. Make sure that ship lands at the bottom of the deepest ocean never to be heard from again.

They must be stopped. This ad from Lincoln Project tells the story that is now front and center – the damage that they can do if they succeed in their desperate power grab is incalculable, desperate because they know that anyone with a brain and a pair of eyes would vote them out with no hesitation. But they must pull every dirty trick, tell every lie, follow their king of corruption and incompetence to the bitter end.

Let’s make it sweet for our future, which can only get better if they are gone.


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