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Jennifer Lawrence dances with Joy in Boston in party for 1 celebration



Just one of many that took their excitement to the streets – unable to contain the Joy

Jennifer Lawrence, an actress that otherwise is very private, excitedly shared her reaction with her followers, and the world on the announcement of Joe Biden as the projected winner of the presidential election

Lawrence is just one of many celebrities that publicly showed their excitement and got emotional over the news of Biden winning.  Lady Gaga and Lizzo were among the many other stars supporting the Biden-Harris ticket that posted reaction videos. 

The video also marked the first image of Lawrence she has ever shared publicly on social media.  Her comment along with her post read “Had no choice but to throw a party for 1 #comeonbosnnletsparty”.

On her Twitter page, she posted a video of herself celebrating the moment by running up and down her block, whipping her hair back and forth, doing a head-banging dance and shouting out in glee. She could be seen in the streets of Boston in her animal-print face mask and pajamas.

Jennifer supports (@JLawrence_RepUS) the largest grassroots anti-corruption campaign called RepresentUS, where a dozens of other celebrities also serve as members of the initiative’s cultural council (including the likes of Michael Douglas, Kerry Washington, Jack Black and many more).

The actress is currently in Boston to star in an incoming Netflix film “Don’t Look Up”, a comedy about a pair of scientist trying to warn Earth about a meteorite that will destroy the planet.  The movie is set to include other big name celebrities: Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Street, Cate Blanchett, Timothee Chalamet, Jonah Bill and Ariana Grande.  

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