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Melania Trump used Private Emails for Gov Biz according to New Book by former Advisor



from the Ever expanding Trump Hypocrisy File…

Stephanie Winston Wolkoff has a new tell-all memoir that was just released Tuesday, September 1st titled: “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with The First Lady”. Her book chronicles her time spent with Mrs. Trump, including all that events that led up to her termination at the White House and eventual falling out between the two. The publication of her book immediately sparked controversy after Winston spoke out that Melania used her personal email account to correspond with her while acting as her aide and for other White House related business matters.

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Although the First Lady’s email usage is not described in detail within her book, in an interview with The Washington Post, Stephanie made the decision to go public. Her reasoning in leaking the information about Mrs. Trump’s personal email use and recorded conversations between the two, she said, is in response to the White House continuous attacks on the integrity and truthfulness of her book.  

In the interview, she divulged that the First Lady regularly used  personal email account from the domain, also an email account from a private Trump Organization and even iMessages when in communication with Wolkoff.  She told reporter,  “Melania and I both didn’t use White House emails”. The personal email accounts sent by Mrs. Trump allegedly contained discussions about contracts, government hiring, strategic partnerships for ‘Be Best Initiative’, detailed scheduling information and more. 

We are all sick of “her damn emails” (Hillarys, that is)

This is not the first time that members of the Trump administration have used private email accounts for government business. Last year both Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner were both investigated on this matter by the House Oversight Committee.  

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump went after Hillary Clinton for using her own personal email while she was Secretary of State, accusing her of deleting thousands of emails from her server. Richard Painter, a former ethics lawyer for George Bush said “ It’s total hypocrisy.” and went on to say “They got elected acting as if Hillary Clinton ought to be in jail for using the wrong email.”

“They got elected acting as if Hillary Clinton ought to be in jail for using the wrong email.”

Richard Painter, former ethics lawyer for Pres. Bush 43

Although the first lady is not officially a government employee, if Mrs. Trump conducted any type of government related business or discussed classified information,  any and all correspondence should have been through the official White House email accounts. The use of personal emails for White House related business may raise some legal questions and also begs the question whether the Presidential Records Act was violated by Melania.

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