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Nine Free e-Books for World Book Day 2020 Available Now




Amazon’s has free kindle books available for World book day 2020

With now less than two days left to grab these 9 free e-books, the time is now, if you want to capitalize on these digital delights. They would be a great find for those that would like to get some alternative options for the moment when streaming and binge-watching just doesn’t cut it anymore:

Below we have also added some photo-links to our sister site on, where you can purchase books and at the same time help Lynxotic to publish more great stories. You will also be helping all independent bookstores across the USA.

With the Coronavirus keeping us all at home many are learning to cook and even bake bread from scratch. This is a grouping of some of the best of the best if you want to learn and bake your own right now!

With small ones also at home and needing not only learning options but also entertainment that doesn’t involve a flat screen, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular children’s titles that can’t help solve both challenges.

Finally, for those that are on the verge of a claustrophobic episode, there’s always the possibility to use D.I.Y. therapy. This is well known as a great way to calm nerves and you just might get a spiffy sweater out of it too!

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