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Novel Coronavirus Cases Exceed 1 Million Worldwide: US Leads



USA now at 237 Thousand Confirmed Cases and Rising

The death toll has passed 50,000 worldwide with Europe close behind the US in confirmed cases. While the increases could be partially due to accelerating testing, there is a clear pattern and the danger is unquestionable. More than 6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week in the US.

The Democratic National Convention was postponed until mid-August due to concerns that the current situation will still be an issue in July, when the Milwaukee, Wisconsin located event was originally scheduled to take place.

There was an announcement that in China, the Henan province, with 600,000 residents was placed on lock-down, indicating that the temporary “victory” in the people’s republic was prematurely declared.

The lock-down was declared in Jia county, after a local hospital had reported a number of cases. According to the government, all but a few business have been closed temporally, for an indeterminate length of time.

Authorities are implementing curfew like measure due to fears that a second wave of cases may be in the early stages.

Economic issues and business paralysis is also a continued issue worldwide, including in China, Europe and the US. The overall view is still that containment must be first and at the same time balanced with economic recovery methods, stimulus and, eventually, a resumption of business activities.

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