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Now in Hollywood – BLM Pride Demonstration / Parade



Hollywood Pride MArch, JuNE 14th, 2020

Peaceful Crowd has Celebratory yet Serious Vibe

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In a show of solidarity with the nationwide Black Lives Matter protests now happening daily and nightly for several weeks, the annual Hollywood Pride March was held as a Celebration of Color. With the news focused on the situation related to the killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta, the sunny California style of the march seemed a world away, almost. The escalating anger on the east coast due to yet another unnecessary and unacceptable killing of a black man was clearly not far from the thoughts of those present.

The large group, which grew during the route made it’s way from Hollywood Blvd. at Highland Ave and then down a large stretch of Sunset Blvd. There was a well armed police presence but, fortunately no incidents or violence reported.

Underneath the sunshine and pride that this event was always meant to represent was a somewhat more somber tone, one of serious intent and a will to follow through with the theme of desperately needed change that is spreading across the country.

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Marchers show signs of BLM solidarity as they parade through the heart of Hollywood, CA

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