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New Ad from Lincoln Project show Trump over the edge in Laura Ingraham Interview

Yet another great Ad from the now infamous Lincoln Project. Based on a real “interview” with Laura Ingraham, the clip shows Trump muttering and conspiratorially whispering various paranoid fantasies about “people in the dark shadows” and planeloads of black uniformed “thugs” on the way to an unnamed city. “I’ll tell you sometime” is the typical con man delivery of the juicy bits that are just too hot to name…. “it’s under investigation right now”. I guess William Barr is all over that ghost plane, at this very moment…

In all seriousness, while this is well within the “logic” of Trump’s wacko talking points; that “Democrat Cities” are on fire and that he is the “Law and Order” candidate, the level of mental devolution is rising and expanding daily. Not just that the strategy exposed and unleashed at the RNC 2020 is based on projected fantasies, but this, coming on the heels of the #soupgate / #bagsofsoup clip that went viral on Twitter, is a step beyond.

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