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Sarah Cooper digs into Trump’s “unhinged” attack on mail-in voting during the final night of DNC



Cooper effortlessly taps into the ridiculousness that is Trump 

Sarah Cooper, writer and comedian, delivered her latest lip-synced impersonation of Donald Trump for the final night of the virtual Democratic National Convention. Her new video spotlights Trump’s latest rant attacking USPS and mail-in voting. Cooper also commented personally on the matter. 

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“Let me put this in my own words, I’ve heard Donald Trump say some pretty unhinged things, I’ve heard them over and over and over again. But nothing is more dangerous to our democracy than his attacks on mail in voting during a pandemic.

Here’s the truth: Donald Trump doesn’t want any of us to vote because he knows he can’t win fair and square. So whether you plan to vote by mail, or in person, wearing your mask, it is your vote and it’s your right. Don’t let Donald Trump take that away from you.”

sarah cooper video during democratic National Convention

Cooper is now famously known for her lip-syncing political satire videos impersonating Donald Trump. Her first “How to President” video which was posted back in April 2020 got over 22 million views on just her Twitter page alone.  There are now 23 (and most likely more coming) on the hilarious series. 

The comedian has much in store for her aside from her social media video fame. The entertainer bagged a Netflix comedy special titled “Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine” and is set to premiere this Fall 2020. Based on a press release by Netflix the  variety special will include a series of vignettes dealing with issues of politics, race, gender, class, and other light subjects. The special will be directed by Natasha Lyonne and executive produced by Maya Rudolph.

In addition, based on a report from Deadline, Cooper has made a deal with CBS to adapt her book, “How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings” into a TV series.

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