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Headline News: The World Condemns Trump and Attempted Coup at the Capitol



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So many stories, with such an overwhelming consensus on where the blame lies (Trump), with so much detail in the ongoing reporting, it’s a lot to even begin to absorb. However the headline is: a massive majority has sincerely reached the point of unmitigated and well deserved condemnation of Trump and his deluded followers.

How better to get a feel for the magnitude of the outrage than to scan the headlines the old fashioned way: by looking at the cover pages of the world’s biggest “newspapers”. The massive titles and biting subheadings show just how “done” the world press is with this malignant maniac.

Take a look and see for yourself:

Read more: Joe Biden on US Capitol Riot: “It’s not protest, it’s insurrection”

The front page of The New York Times read, “Trump Incites Mob” 

The Washington Post,  “Trump mob storms Capitol: President incites crowd to acts of insurrection, violence”

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s front page “Storming the Capitol: Incited by Trump, Mob halts count” 

San Francisco Chronicle’s front page screamed “INSURRECTION”

TIME’s cover “Democracy Under Attack”.  

Daily Mail UK headlines “Trump’s hate mob storms the Capitol”. 

Today’s International front pages:

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