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The Lincoln Project released an anti-Trump ad, whispering throughout the clips to point out that many in Trump’s inner circle are secretly laughing, criticizing and mocking him.

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It is no secret that The Lincoln Project has been very skillful at not only mocking Trump and pointing out his severe shortcomings, but at getting under his skin – making him squirm to see the way they portray him.

Not to be forgotten is the fact that The Lincoln Project was founded by Republicans, including Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Thomas Conway III who was even, at one time, On the shortlist of candidates considered by President Donald Trump for U.S. solicitor general. Since those days Kellyanne has resigned and George is taking a break from working with the anti-Trump super-pac that he founded.

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“You’re losing” they whisper. “Not just the election Don, you’re losing everything. And everyone know it but you. Then lists off the weak results Trump has recently yielded: smaller crowds, lower polls, embarrassing rating. Suggesting no one really cares about him, secrets revealed.

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