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The Wannabe Emperor’s Clothes are on Full Display and growing more revolting by the day

Trump’s penchant for propaganda has taken a steroid filled-turbo-charged turn for the worst. In the build-up phase to his now obvious plans to contest any election result other than a Trump win, initially during protests in Portland and Washington DC (The violent state initiated street clearing [bible-holding stunt]), we began to point out the incredible comparisons with [Mussolini and Hitler]. These comparisons are now fully accepted by the [main-stream media].

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That an imaginary “organization” that has as it’s creed to fight fascism (which is what America fought against in WWII) could be painted as the ultimate enemy (I guess Mexican rapists are out of style) is even more bizarre. Meanwhile, Trump continues to paint himself as some kind of Fascist-Hero, at the same time hugging American flags at every opportunity.

Disinformation, Propaganda and Possible lead up to “False-flag-Op”

Even more disturbing is the success his massive, foreign backed, disinformation campaign has had, most of all in rural areas, in convincing actual Americans that he and his “Reality-TV-Fascist” approach is actually some kind of twisted patriotism. One that they should adopt, cheer-on and defend with assault rifles, if it does not succeed in taking over our democratic system completely by November 3rd.

We have already moved on from “awaiting the outcome of the election” to planning and / or fearing the outbreak of insane right-wing fascist violence when he loses. The big question is, who will there be to fight?

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There is no “antifa” to speak of. There’s no need to protest (except by Trump fans) if he loses. And the police, FBI and Government in general have no right or reason to treat angry Trump supporters who protest any differently than BLM protestors, angry over the murder of innocent black people.

One retired, raving-mad-reality-TV-star can’t topple our Democratic system, even with foreign assistance, right?

If they incite or commit violence against anyone, unprovoked, they will be arrested. Since there will not be millions of people insane enough to follow their “leader” into certain defeat and likely incarceration, the crowds, if there are any, will dwindle and fade. There will be, no “enemy” to fight against.

They can continue to hate Biden and Democrats, even hate democracy, but that hate, just as was the case during eight years of Obama in the White House, will amount to little more than racist grumbling and sad idiotic hate for hate’s sake.

Naturally, if Trump takes his Nazi-Fascist campaign to the level of treasonous criminality (assuming he hasn’t already) and follows the 1930s script further to setting fire to the equivalent of the 1933 [German Reichstag fire] – then blaming it on “antifa” so he can declare a state of emergency – this will be an overly obvious coup attempt, conveniently happening just before an election he is certain to lose, and would be dealt with accordingly.

In the case of this madman-on-steroids nothing can be ruled out, but day-by-day, even the most extreme escape-routes seem to be disappearing for our Orange Maniac “leader”.

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