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Trump’s Soup Tirade is Setting off a S#@T Storm on Twitter



Opinion and Observation:

After a failure to disavow violence in  Wisconsin, Trump settles on Soup as a Target

Cans of Soup? Or is it Bags? Which is it? And are bricks too heavy to throw or lift? For whom? And how are paintball guns and bear spray “defensive”? The Soup Fascist has all the answers. Or does he? Trump is devolving and becoming increasingly demented before our very eyes.

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Does anyone know what this is all about? Reading from a script? Did Kellyanne Conway go mad also? Or Stephen Miller? He may look like Goebbles but his skill is not on that level. What is going on here? Watch the clip to find out 😉

Naturally all of this is no laughing matter. This man’s tendencies to try and use whatever nonsense suits his purpose is a dangerous tick for a man with a nuclear football. On the other hand if, after the year we’ve all had, there’s no help from the land’s highest office, we deserve at least a laugh at this ridiculous paranoid nonsense. And perhaps thereby reassure those of us who have not lost our minds, yet, that there is some common sense left.

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