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Volume 2: Mini-Virtual Get-aways for a Stay-cation Odyssey into 2021



Yoga & Meditation at Sunset on a Winter’s Day

A beautiful winter sunset in the Mojave is a perfect backdrop for music, Meditation and Yoga stretching. Contemplative, inwardly focused yet surrounded by natural beauty and peace. The perfect relaxing counterpart to a hectic, overburdened existence, a way to take solace in the elements and dream of a better tomorrow…

Adventure Island Voyager: Winter Escape into Tropical Bliss

The music winds and floats and takes a dream to a foreign unknown shore. Endless summer and a sunset island fantasy come true. Enjoy the track and transport your mind into relaxing sea and surf. Ambient Relaxation Therapy Forever. Featuring: Surf “Pondering” by Arulo

This girl in the Late Afternoon Sunset is Like a Dream on Skates

A dream like scenarios with a girl on skates enjoying and exploring golden hour as the sun sets. Music is mysterious and ambient with a quality of unreality and illusion, though the title is “Lust or Love” by Arulo, it imbues less a feeling of lust but rather metaphysical floating in a world of dreams and random thoughts.

Surf Sounds of Air and Sunset, aDrift among the Palm Sweet Soliloquy

Lonely wafted and adrift in clam and clean motionless ocean glass. Colors of the sky with incredible soft pastel rays of light, rising from the furthest point of infinity. Gulls fly and dreams envelope now.

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