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‘Wonder Woman 1984’ showcases New Trailer during the virtual DC FanDome event



The Ultimate Hero-Villain Fight to unfold in New Trailer

Warner Bros. released a new trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984” (WW84) and the film and new clip were showcased at the virtual DC FanDome. The new footage gave fans a deeper look into the villainous character name Cheetah played by Kristen Wiig and the revived time-traveler Steve Trevor played by Chris Pines. 

This year’s DC FanDome, the annual event geared toward DC Comic fans, featured a jam packed event of panels, info on video games, and highly anticipated teasers, trailers and behind-the-scene peaks of upcoming DC movies. The DC FanDome only lasts 48 hours, a two day event, this year, consisting of virtual presentations. The first day just happened on August 22, 2020 and the next is set for Sept 12, 2020 in case you missed day one.  

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Like 2017’s “Wonder Woman,” actress Gal Gadot plays the title superheroine in “WW84.” Although this is only her second stand alone film as the character, Gadot has played Wonder Woman three times in the DC Universe before—appearing in “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and “Justice League” as well as her solo outing.

From the rainbow tinted posters to the electrifying trailer, the movie is clearly invested in the 1984 setting. It looks like a disco-infused, fun-filled superhero flick, with quality humor, captivating visuals, and a strong cast to carry it along—Pedro Pascal from “The Madalorian” is playing the main villain!

The first trailer was released back in December of last year. This second trailer shows action-packed clips with great special effects and the epic fight scene between the two women. Fans also get to see another look at  Diana Prince’s iconic golden armor.  

WW84 still holds the current schedule for release to theaters this October 2, 2020, however it is not yet clear due to COVID-19 if any changes to the release date will be subject to change as the date approaches.  

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