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3.7 Magnitude Earthquake hits Los Angeles West Side, shortly after Midnight on April 22nd



Los Angeles Sunset with Smog

Epicenter is 1km South of View Park-Windsor Hills, CA – near Inglewood / Hawthorne

M 3.7 – 1km S of View Park-Windsor Hills, CA

A noticeable, strong tremor for millions of quarantined residents was felt in the west central area of LA at around 12:03 AM on April 22, 2020. Although, at 3.7 magnitude, it was not a serious, dangerous quake the location, being in the urban west side of the city would be concerning if a larger after shock were to follow. Or, if this was a precursor to a larger quake to come.

Earthquakes with magnitudes between 3.0 and 4.0 occur on average five times per year in the greater Los Angeles area, according to a three-year data sample.

Naturally with the city still in the grips of a novel coronavirus lockdown, the last thing people need is any additional reason for concerns.

For more on how to prepare for a large quake please see: 7.1 Quake in Southern California was not “The Big One”: Here’s How to Prepare for when the Next One Hits

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