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Apple Reveals new MacBook Pro Models, Mac Mini: all with M2 and M2 Pro Chips



Unusual January announcement with big product reveal

Apple dropped a lot of upgrade news today. Though still early in the year, it’s already preparing for the next generation of machines powered by Apple Silicon. With two models each, one using the M2 chip, and another Pro model with the M2 Pro inside, there are 2 new levels of power and performance, with a variety of options and configurations.

The MacBook Pro models come in 14′ and 16′ screen configurations and, as one would surmise, there’s more speed, memory capacity, and a ton of other upgraded features. With all the power, speed and invisible upgrades, constantly coming via software, machine learning and AI, one can only wonder if there are simply too many options, and choices in the ever expanding line up.

Also, coming after the dramatic price drop at Tesla, would this be considered a similar move to boost lagging sales? If you are in a position to afford a new Mac, and you need the power for media related activities, you are in luck as this is a big, meaty refresh, particularly if you opt for the Pro level of performance.

The Mac mini is priced at $599 with an M2 chip, which is 100$ less than the prior version, or at $1,299 with the M2 Pro. The new 14-inch MacBook Pro with M2 starts at $1,999. The 16-inch MacBook Pro model will cost at least $2,499. All of the newly configured models will be available beginning Jan. 24, but you can order the computers beginning Tuesday.

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Photo courtesy of Apple
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Photo courtesy of Apple

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