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8 Books on Coronavirus and Pandemics to Help Better Prepare Against Infectious and Contagious Diseases



Epidemiology and History may Shine a Light on the Current Crisis

We must all hope for a vaccine, for methods of containment and for guidelines on how to prepare and avoid infection. Excluding the first two titles here – which are new and tackle the current situation directly, these are some of the established histories and best known works on the potential threat of just such an outbreak like the coronavirus, which is rapidly approaching pandemic status and proportions.

Wuhan Coronavirus: A Concise & Rational Guide to the 2020 Outbreak

CAlso available on Amazon.lick to Buy “Wuhan Coronavirus” and at the same time help Lynxotic and All Independent Local Bookstores. Also available on Amazon

The newest coronavirus, officially known as COVID-19 (AKA 2019-nCoV ARD), has spread to at least 40 nations and sickened 81,000+ people. This concise, 251-page guide to the illness offers a rational, non-alarmist approach from an Amazon #1 best-selling author. (Updated on February 26, 2020)

Learn everything you need to know about the virus that originated in Wuhan, China, including what a coronavirus is, how you can protect yourself, the truth behind some of the most prevalent rumors, and much more. Per the CDC’s announcement that everyone should begin preparing for the inevitable outbreak in the United States, this book also includes a starter list of items that can help you get through a lock down or self-isolation period. Also available on Amazon.

Coronavirus: Everything You Need to Know About the New Wuhan Coronavirus and How to Prevent it

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Coronavirus is the word that is one everyone’s lips right now. The rapid spread of this new flu, combined with the high rate of infection, steadily rising death rate and ease of international travel, means that it is likely that it will reach every part of the world eventually. You are probably worried that it may reach you and want to be able to take preventative measures to keep you and your family safe.

Coronavirus is a problem that is going to get bigger but that’s not to say that it can’t be contained. By taking the sensible precautions that are outlined inside this short but impactful book, you can stay one step ahead of possible infection and remove much of the danger associated with it. Also Available on Amazon.

The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History

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The definitive account of the 1918 Flu Epidemic. “Monumental”-Chicago Tribune. At the height of WWI, history’s most lethal influenza virus erupted in an army camp in Kansas, moved east with American troops, then exploded, killing as many as 100 million people worldwide. It killed more people in twenty-four months than AIDS killed in twenty-four years, more in a year than the Black Death killed in a century. But this was not the Middle Ages, and 1918 marked the first collision of science and epidemic disease. Magisterial in its breadth of perspective and depth of research and now revised to reflect the growing danger of the avian flu, The Great Influenza is ultimately a tale of triumph amid tragedy, which provides us with a precise and sobering model as we confront the epidemics looming on our own horizon. John M. Barry has written a new afterword for this edition that brings us up to speed on the terrible threat of the avian flu and suggest ways in which we might head off another flu pandemic. Also Available on Amazon

The Coming Plague: Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance

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Unpurified drinking water. Improper use of antibiotics. Local warfare. Massive refugee migration. Changing social and environmental conditions around the world have fostered the spread of new and potentially devastating viruses and diseases HIV, Lassa, Ebola, and others. Laurie Garrett takes you on a fifty-year journey through the world’s battles with microbes and examines the worldwide conditions that have culminated in recurrent outbreaks of newly discovered diseases, epidemics of diseases migrating to new areas, and mutated old diseases that are no longer curable. She argues that it is not too late to take action to prevent the further onslaught of viruses and microbes, and offers possible solutions for a healthier future.” Also Available on Amazon

The Ghost Map: The Story of London’s Most Terrifying Epidemic–And How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern World

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From the New York Times bestselling author of How We Got To Now and Farsighted, a National Bestseller, a New York Times Notable Book, and an Entertainment WeeklyBest Book of the Year. From Steven Johnson, the dynamic thinker routinely compared to James Gleick, Dava Sobel, and Malcolm Gladwell, The Ghost Map is a riveting page-turner about a real-life historical hero, Dr. John Snow. It’s the summer of 1854, and London is just emerging as one of the first modern cities in the world. But lacking the infrastructure — garbage removal, clean water, sewers — necessary to support its rapidly expanding population, the city has become the perfect breeding ground for a terrifying disease no one knows how to cure. As the cholera outbreak takes hold, a physician and a local curate are spurred to action-and ultimately solve the most pressing medical riddle of their time. In a triumph of multidisciplinary thinking, Johnson illuminates the intertwined histories and interconnectedness of the spread of disease, contagion theory, the rise of cities, and the nature of scientific inquiry, offering both a riveting history and a powerful explanation of how it has shaped the world we live in. Also Available on Amazon

Pandemic: Tracking Contagions, from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond

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Over the past fifty years, more than three hundred infectious diseases have emerged or reemerged in new territory. Experts around the world are bracing for a deadly, disruptive pandemic.

In Pandemic: Tracking Contagions, from Cholera to Ebola and Beyond, prizewinning journalist Sonia Shah reveals how that could happen, by drawing parallels between cholera—one of history’s most deadly and disruptive pandemic-causing pathogens—and the new diseases that stalk us today. As Shah traces each stage of cholera’s dramatic journey from harmless microbe to world-changing pandemic, she reports on the pathogens that have followed cholera’s footsteps—from the MRSA bacterium that besieges her own family to the never-before-seen killers emerging from China’s wet markets, the surgical wards of New Delhi, the slums of Port-au-Prince, and the suburban backyards of the East Coast. A true story that is both gripping and alarming, Pandemic delves deep into the convoluted science, strange politics, and the checkered history of one of the world’s deadliest diseases, offering a prelude to the future that’s impossible to ignore. Also Available on Amazon

Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs

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We are facing an overwhelming army of deadly, invisible enemies. We need a plan — before it’s too late. Unlike natural disasters, whose destruction is concentrated in a limited area over a period of days, and illnesses, which have devastating effects but are limited to individuals and their families, infectious disease has the terrifying power to disrupt everyday life on a global scale, overwhelming public and private resources and bringing trade and transportation to a grinding halt. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever to move people, animals, and materials around the planet, but the same advances that make modern infrastructure so efficient have made epidemics and even pandemics nearly inevitable. And as outbreaks of Ebola, MERS, yellow fever, and Zika have demonstrated, we are woefully underprepared to deal with the fallout. So what can — and must — we do in order to protect ourselves from mankind’s deadliest enemy? Drawing on the latest medical science, case studies, policy research, and hard-earned epidemiological lessons, Deadliest Enemy explores the resources and programs we need to develop if we are to keep ourselves safe from infectious disease. The authors show how we could wake up to a reality in which many antibiotics no longer cure, bioterror is a certainty, and the threat of a disastrous influenza pandemic looms ever larger. Only by understanding the challenges we face can we prevent the unthinkable from becoming the inevitable. Deadliest Enemy is high scientific drama, a chronicle of medical mystery and discovery, a reality check, and a practical plan of action. Also Available on Amazon

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic

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The next big human pandemic–the next disease cataclysm, perhaps on the scale of AIDS or the 1918 influenza–is likely to be caused by a new virus coming to humans from wildlife. Experts call such an event “spillover” and they warn us to brace ourselves. David Quammen has tracked this subject from the jungles of Central Africa, the rooftops of Bangladesh, and the caves of southern China to the laboratories where researchers work in space suits to study lethal viruses. He illuminates the dynamics of Ebola, SARS, bird flu, Lyme disease, and other emerging threats and tells the story of AIDS and its origins as it has never before been told. Spillover reads like a mystery tale, full of mayhem and clues and questions. When the Next Big One arrives, what will it look like? From which innocent host animal will it emerge? Will we be ready? Also Available on Amazon

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