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Apple Special Event: Expect the Unexpected? Again?



Everybody Knows Everything that will Happen? Let’s Hope not and Expect the Unexpected…

What about the vaunted world class secrecy that Apple used to be famous for? Aside from a fiasco or two many years ago, and the attendant bru haha, shouldn’t there be some sense of dramatic reveal?

Sure, Ming-Chi Kuo, is known far and wide as predictor extraordinaire and has an uncanny ability to spill the beans with great accuracy. And, it seems, practically any Apple News Outlet seems to be able to tell you exactly what to expect. Or are they?

This year, we have a tile-like gadget which sounds pretty fantastic – and the rumor stems from iOS 13 code so there must be something there. Somehow Kuo and macrumors have determined that the findable gadgets will be “circular”.

imaginary concept for findable bluetooth device (Lynxotic)

Names, Specs, Features and Performance

As far as iPhones, the consensus is 3 models. Possibly called “iPhone 11” and “iPhone 11 Pro” and with better waterproofing, better camera with both hardware and software upgrades as well as video recording improvements related to the camera changes, appear to also be likely.

The list of changes to the specifications include items such as battery performance (with a larger battery), navigation and more ram and so on and so on. And this tiny partial list of what has been debated and discussed does not even include the already well known changes that iOS 13, macOS Catalina and iPad OS will all bring, and how those will interact with the new devices and new device features.

Naturally there are many possible and likely upgrades to the iPhone but also to a whole array of products, software and services.

As we detailed in a recent story the Apple TV+ launch is due, in all likelihood this month. iPad, MacBook, Mac Pro availability, much that was partially or fully announced at WWDC in May is bound to get some attention again.

As a matter of fact, 2019 is a year during which almost every non-iPhone product has been upgraded already. MacBook Air is another recent example. Even an emoji upgrade was announced recently!

Is Excessive Love A Crime?

Although further speculation towards more and better smacks of greed or at least excessive love, what if there are surprises that even the great Ming-Chi Kuo and Macrumors are not yet aware of?

What if the once formidable Apple security and anti-leak team was actually successful in keeping something under wraps?

Perhaps just even better secret details on the changes and improvements to the hardware, particularly the iPhones? Maybe the camera and its increasingly AI based software has something big in the offing?

Or, what if there is actually even one piece of hardware or one aspect of the iPhone “11 Pro” that literally no one has warned us about yet? If the one thing that we will all be talking (and writing and tweeting and posting) about Tuesday afternoon is not on the radar of any of the “what to expect” pundits that have already weighed in?

That is a “what if”, not only to keep in the back of our wide-open minds, but truly, for the faithful, as was in the days of Steve Jobs keynote addresses of yore, it would be one more thing, devoutly to be wished.

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