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Apple Spruces Up Old Favorites



Performance Upgrades Galore Released Ahead of Streaming TV Launch

Updated AirPods are out – AirPods 2 is the catchy name for this iteration. They’re now powered by an Apple designed H1 chip. This chip was designed specifically for the new AirPods. The H1 is built to deliver higher performance, faster connect times, and more talk time. And, the new AirPods will be available with a wireless charging case (which also works with older AirPod models). 

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Shortly after the AirPod 2s were announced, new versions of the iMac All-in-one desktop computer also hit the street. As shown in the graphic below, 5 new variants, two 21.5 inch and three 27 inch Macs, each with slightly different feature upgrades are now available. The computers also have a new set of chips that will deliver twice the graphical and computational power.

All five models have intel processors and AMD Radeon Pro GPU’s. Users can expect to see up to 50 percent improved performance working with Photoshop projects, or the ability to create up to two times the amount of virtual instruments in Logic Pro X, or view up to 16 simultaneous multi-cam streams compared to the previous seven in Final Cut Pro X.

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The lower end models keep their 4K Retina display. The bigger models feature the usual 5K screen.  The computers range from $1300-$5000+ depending on size, specs and optional upgrades.

Apple hasn’t changed the iMac‘s iconic aluminum chassis or glass screen. They’ll have the same screen sizes and resolution, same brightness and wide (P3) color gamut, and same ports (two Thunderbolt USB-C, four USB 3, SDXC, Gigabit Ethernet, and headphone jack).

iPad Air is back and iPad mini too, with pencil. Both with a spec bump. Although the items are not “financially important” in terms of Apple’s overall bottom line, they serve as introductory Apple products. Popular gift items that can acclimate new users into Apple culture.

These new versions of established products are welcome news as the specs and value have improved.

Hardcore aficionados however, will be anticipating major upgrade news, such as the refreshed Mac Pro (not upgraded since 2013!) or iPhone 11, possibly in June and October, respectively.

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