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Apple TV+ Comedy “Trying” returns for Season 2



Above:Photo by Trying / AppleTV

New challenges as the two “try” to get their way to parenthood

The Apple Original series, which in Season 1 followed Nikki, played by Esther Smith, and Jason played by Rafe Spall, as a London couple. Unsurprisingly, as the title gives away, they are trying and having some difficulty conceiving. With the realization that maybe adoption is the only route for them to raise a child, the two are put to the test and experience a rollercoaster of emotions along the way.

Season 2, which is set to release to Apple TV+ users on May 21, will continue to follow the journey to the next level as the two have finally been approved to adopt and take the huge step of welcoming a child into their home. This leads to challenges, such as finding a child they connect with and making a decision between a girl or boy. Juggling all the adoption events, school visits, all while also maintaining work schedules, wannabe family life soon becomes a whole lot more to deal with than Nikki and Jason anticipated.

The cast will also include the return of the Season 1 primary ensemble including: Imelda Staunton, Oliver Chris, Ophelia Lovibond, Darren Boyd and Robyn Cara.

Check out the below official trailer for “Trying” Season 2: The first two episodes will debut globally on May 21 and the remaining six episodes will be released weekly every Friday.

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