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Apple brings increased 4k Quality, Gaming upgrades, Dolby Atmos, and more with tvOS 14



Apple Presentation Video for TVOS 14 from WWDC 2020

Hardware and Software Updates Combine as Apple Eco-System Expands…

Like most events to take place in 2020, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference happened virtually this year. Between the dates of June 22 and June 26, the annual Apple occasion was carried out via a multitude of online presentations, as tech reporters, colleagues, and enthusiasts logged on from around the world to hear the latest and greatest in Apple’s developments.

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One of Apple’s more exciting announcements was for the new Apple TV Operating System: tvOS 14. Compared to other Apple devices, Apple TVs are relatively young, debuting in 2007 alongside the original iPhone, but only really garnering traction over the past five years. Today, with iCloud and Smart Homes becoming ubiquitous, Apple TVs offer more utility than even before.

Still, the tvOS updates are rarely as exciting as the iOS or macOS updates for more common Apple devices. Nevertheless, tvOS 14 has some pretty neat offerings—enough to raise a few eyebrows at the virtual WWDC.

Firstly, tvOS 14 is expanding the 4k visual quality that has defined Apple TV’s fifth generation since 2017. In addition to watching regular programming in 4k, users can now experience YouTube videos and a wider breadth of AirPlay streaming in 4k as well. This is something that has not been possible with previous OSs.

Apple TV 4K with a Dolby Atmos–compatible sound system Visualization: fully immersive three-dimensional audio that sends sound around and above you with pinpoint precision. 

Content Expansion including Gaming options

Moreover, the new OS will make Apple TVs more gamer-friendly than ever before. Not only will it offer greater options from the included Apple Arcade, but it will also make saving easier with the improved seamless ability to switch off between multiple users. This way, everyone can save and resumer their individual gameplay without interfering with other users’ progress. Furthermore, the OS will make AppleTVs compatible with the latest Xbox controllers: Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2 and Xbox Adaptive Controllers.

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OS 14 also offers an upgraded Home app for people with Smart Homes. Now, users can access all of their connected HomeKit devices right from the big screen, including camera feeds.

Apple TV Plus Logo
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Contrary to the increased connectivity, tvOS 14 also brings novel audio-visual offerings that allow multiple separate experiences on the same screen. There is a new split screen option, letting users watch two things at once such as a workout routine with a sports game, the news with a video game, or the home monitor with a movie. Simultaneously, novel AirPods audio sharing technology will allow multiple people to listen with different AirPods at the same time. Meanwhile, the advanced Spatial Audio feature will provide surround-sound quality audio via the AirPods.

Evidently, there is a lot to get excited about with tvOS 14, as it will bring the television-watching experience to new heights. This is not even to mention the advances in Apple TV+— the Apple TV-exclusive streaming service that launched last fall. The new Operating System aside, Apple TV+ is offering a wide variety of renewed, rebooted, and original content in the coming months. This includes the acquisition of Tom Hanks’ war epic “Greyhound” and an in-house production series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s sci-fi classic “Foundation.” The latter was just announced at the WWDC alongside tvOS 14.

The new OS is presently available only for an exclusive bunch in the development world, but it will run a public beta test in July and launch sometime in the fall.

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