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Barack Obama has done his first TikTok and the Reading of his Book live is blowing up the app



The Book and now the Man are minting TikTok  Memes all night long

Using the hook line “Take this and pass it on” Barack Obama appeared in his first bonafide TikTok and, while handing his new book “A Promised Land” to someone Offscreen, he lays the tagline down.

This, if you are familiar with TikTok nomenclature and virality is an invitation to add your own video, where for example you “receive” the book he is handing off, creating the illusion that you had it handed to you by the former president, known as a Duet. 

These are already being produced and many variation will be coming soon. In the meantime an organic meme has already taken hold – one of people reading passages from his book aloud, unboxing their very own copy, speaking to the camera with a loving, adoring review, showing off Barack and Michelle’s books side by side, proposals to start a bookclub with “A Promised Land” as the first title, Crying with joy as they listen to the audio-book version, repost of the audio, A Trump impersonator reading (and insulting) in Obama’s voice, A slide-show with a famous Obama speech as an audio track, and many, many more. 

Although this first TikTok from the former President was posted to the Publisher Penguin’s account, there’s a lot of hope, an audacious amount of hope you could say, that Obama will create his own personal account and become a regular or at lease occasional TikTok creator.  

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