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Bernie Sanders Memes Conquer Earth Internet, set sights on Cosmos



Above: Photo Collage / Lynxotic

The end-all and be-all of memes emerged out of the inauguration…

In a move that transcends the presidential, Bernie Sanders now owns the internet. All he needed was the right mittens and a countenance of equanimity, rising above to see into the center of all being and nothingness.

Like a zen monk or Yoda on steroids, he accomplishes all by doing little, even nothing, beyond his mind bending position and posture. Ever modest and with a meaningful invisible wink, he disavows any knowledge of his splendor or any plan to conquer all:

“I was just sitting there trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on,” 

-Bernie Sanders / Interview Late Night With Seth Meyers

Meanwhile, there has been a meaningful and valid response to the triumph, and it all gets back to a t-shirt and mittens.

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Now that there has been an endless stream of replication and iteration based on the genius moment, we best begin at the beginning and trace this new species of viral wonderfulness back to its humble source: the photo:

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Now: see the propagation into the world of movies, TV and more…

Of course there must be: Bernie as Art

And to you, Amazon, you can not have this meme for your endless self-aggrandizement, and here is the obvious reason why:

Then in closing: a live action TikTok cut-out-creation:

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