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Can You Guess Which Celebs are in this Montage of AI Portrait Results?



First is was the FaceApp that added years to your face with its app filter, in the FaceApp Challenge – with questionable issues regarding the origins (Russia) and terms of service agreement.

Now, from a more reassuring source, namely researchers in the US, including some from the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, we have the opportunity to see our selfies (and celebrity snaps) transformed into pseudo-classical portrait styles.

The web site upload system, currently down due to massive demand, uses GAN (Generative Adversarial Network) results from 45,000 images in the art history archives to create a new photo based on the original plus the relevant data instructions from the scan.

“With AI Portraits Ars anyone is able to use GAN models to generate a new painting, where facial lines are completely redesigned.

The model decides for itself which style to use for the portrait. Details of the face and background contribute to direct the model towards a style.

In style transfer, there is usually a strong alteration of colors, but the features of the photo remain unchanged. AI Portraits Ars creates new forms, beyond altering the style of an existing photo.”

AI Portraits Ars Web Site

As can be seen from the montage above (and the version with names added below) the results are often flattering in an odd ancient sort of way. Also, some, such a Keanu Reeves, are obvious (?) whereas others you might never guess!

So below the results and thanks for playing!

The AI Portraits web site should be back up shortly, assuming the rush to try it out eventually slows!

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