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Cyberpunk 2077: Essential Tips before you Start



Above: Photo Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red, makers of “Witcher” launch its newest game

It is here; Cyberpunk 2077 has finally had its official launch! The massive and complex RPG is now available around the globe. CD Projekt Red encountered major obstacles getting this game out, including: delays, leaks and crunch.  However, nearly 8 years and after $130 million spent, the game is ready and accessible through the various compatible devices, PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and Google Stadia.

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At the start of the game, you get to customize the main character and protagonist named V.  The extensive character builder and roleplaying decisions allow you to customize your character, down to the T, or P in this case, with even 5 crazy options for pubic hair. In the end no two players will likely design the same version of V, nor have the exact playing experience. 

  We’ve compiled some tips and helpful tricks below that will be to your benefit before you take on the giant world of Night City.

Don’t just play the main quest or only use fast travel 

All the early release gamers have been desperately trying to finish the primary quests in order to give an overall review of the game.  However it’s noteworthy that there are a lot of additional side quests that can be really fun, sometimes even more than the main missions.  Taking on more of the optional quests will give gamers access to better ending alternatives. The take away; do more side quests and you’ll get more satisfying ending options for your character V.   Also worth mentioning, you can “fail” side quests with no chances to re-do them, so take them on as seriously as the main ones. 

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Within the game there will be fast travel points that you can use. Although tempting and sometimes necessary to quickly meet your objective in a timely manner, we suggest you don’t always depend on this mode.  There can be rewards for traveling by use of car or motorbike when time allows. With the expansive landscape of Night City, you will find that there’s tons to see and do, and traveling manually you will definitely find some cool things along the way.  Examples include finding crimes being committed that you can get rewarded ($$) to break it up and get the perpetrators.

Get your “gig” on for some cash

In addition to side quests, there are also “gigs” which are usually related to some sort of exchange/ trade.  A “Fixer” will ask you to do a job and in return you’ll get money.  Money that you will need in order to buy things like cars, new weapons and upgrades.  Gigs are fun and challenging and usually don’t take up that much time, typically around 10 to 20 minutes to complete.  Just as mentioned with side quests, gigs can also be failed and unfortunately if you lose, there is no cash , which can leave you feeling like you did all that for nothing.

Your experience will never be the same

As mentioned at the start, from building your character,  you are like a beautiful snowflake, in that no other player can exactly replicate the look of your V,  nor the way in which you go through the game.  All the choices and decisions you make in Cyberpunk 2077 matter.  The staggering amount of choices and the approach to your quest, like how you confront your enemies have tangible impacts on the virtual world around you.   All choices, however small you may initially deem them are in fact quite significant, drastic and hold lasting affects. So keep in mind, how you go about completing missions and basically everything you do, will impact your playing experience. 

Yes there are bugs 

Unfortunately, even though we all got an early warnings of this, there are some bugs.  Users have shared clips of glitches, freezes/frame rate issues and more continue to pop up on social media as the games becomes more readily available.  It is unclear if gamers (on console or PC) were trying the game with the day zero patch or not.  CD Project Red did note that if the game was preloaded before the launch, when booted up it would already have the patch.  

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