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Don Jr. gasping for breath on Fox News: Ranting & Raving about Impeachment #2



Off the rails, coke-filled tirade, Deuxième édition

Donald Trump Jr. had a mouthful to say during an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News. Even as the impeachment trail highlights is granular detail just how egregious the crimes of his father actually were, he was still living in the past using whataboutism to somehow compare BLM peaceful and justified protests to a murmurous attack with the goal of overthrowing the legitimate government of the United States of America:

“You sort of highlighted all the hypocrisy that we saw during 10 months of rioting, looting, arson, in-your-face type of politics. Candidly, whatever my father said on January 6th was mild in comparison, but if you were to take his speech and compare it to literally any stump speech ever given in the history of politics, you would see absolutely no deviation.”

It’s, unfortunately for Donny Jr., a bit late to try to dig out of this situation with nonsensical propaganda as if somehow the reality can be talked out of existence on Fox with buddy Hannity. More likely is that Don Jr. himself will face criminal charges, after his imagined political future already lies in the dust and detritus of his father’s downfall.

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