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Elon Musk Pumps Dogecoin Video in Tweet: ‘Explains Everything’



Department of Doge HQ Urgent Missive

Elon Musk’s been on a roll meme tweeting again and took the opportunity to reply to the tweet below with a link to a YouTube video that “explains everything” about DogeCoin and presumably crypto mining and bitcoin and, yea.

Naturally the meme filled classic Doge video has nearly 4 million views, likely many of which came on the wave of clicks from this otherwise innocuous exchange from the Techno King and @wintonARK

In other recent tweets and replies this hilariously spot on leak of the new ‘Boba Fett Trailer’ was launched and is racking up thousands of retweets as this article is being written.

Perhaps the timing is good for this video – the lighthearted and adorable doggie style showing the pure joy of crypto freedom is a welcome oasis of love and laughter. If you join the 4 million that’ve already viewed this clip and you agree, let us know – or just go ahead and be yourself. Either way.

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