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Five Movies Out just before Thanksgiving, Kicking off the Holiday Blockbuster Season



Just in case you missed our coverage of recent films, out now in theaters, we’ve compiled a graphic tour of a few noteworthy titles among them.

New Official Trailer for “Frozen II”

Winter films come in small waves. And, sometimes, after the end of the Summer Blockbuster Season and Fall back-to-school, there is a lull. Now, the lulll is just about over. Holiday Blockbuster season is upon us. Check out the trailers below for links with more info about each.

Frozen II

Second Official Trailer for “Frozen II”

The iconic sisters and princesses of Arendelle are back in this much-anticipated predicted hit sure to bring Disney Animation out of its cold shadows on November 22nd.

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Official Trailer for “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”

Take a walk with Tom Hanks in this beautiful neighborhood as he employs radical kindness to portray his unexpected distant relative Mr. Rogers on the silver screen.

Knives Out

New Official Trailer for “Knives Out”

The notorious Last Jedi director Rian Johnson ventures into his long-time murder-mystery passion project with a star-studded cast that includes Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, and more.

21 Bridges

Official Trailer for “21 Bridges”

The fearless King of Wakanda and Black Panther goes Blue as Chadwick Boseman plays a New York City police officer who devises a plan to catch two cop killers on the loose.

Dark Waters

Official Trailer for “Dark Waters”

This previously Hulk-turned scientist switches roles onscreen into a corporate defense lawyer as Mark Ruffalo plays Attorney Rob Bilott who stands up to DuPont’s criminal behavior in an eco-thriller based on a true story.

Frozen II Movie Poster

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