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Climate Crisis

Government and Industrial Responsibility vs. Private Guilt in the Climate Crisis



Image by Angela Yuriko Smith

Personal Guilt Misconceptions and “Mind Control by the Alligators”

With the entire world soon to be in a state of emergency due to the climate crisis it is government and industry that must lead the way in enacting drastic reforms for survival. If that leadership is not forthcoming then we all must begin fighting against the system that threatens our own extinction.

The idea that the problem is based on a lack of “voluntary” climate footprint reduction by individuals is not only absurd but an intentional method used to prevent the implementation of any systemic changes.

While individuals and individual consumption is clearly a meaningful factor and cause, it is a propaganda ploy to play on individual guilt and responsibility over a massive, essential change in world energy infrastructure.

Even pointing to the differences in carbon burned by rich vs. poor serves only to produce a scapegoat that is an imaginary individual as opposed to starting a real discussion about how government, industry to society as a whole can solve the problem.

Should a person choosing to fly from LA to NYC be shamed or feel guilt and cancel the trip instead? Why are there no high speed, carbon neutral transportation options?

No different than in 2008 at the depth of the financial crisis when 700 billion was gifted to big banks and Insurance companies, who promptly proceeded to award themselves massive bonuses for nearly destroying the entire world economy.

Not only was the “man from Main Street” blamed in much of the media for “irresponsible” used of credit that was, in reality, foisted on him but that same demographic suffered most and was clearly the victim of the systemic greed that was the true cause of the contagion.

Stay tuned, as this theme will re-emerge with a vengeance as none of the underlying causes of that crisis were addressed, let alone corrected.

Photo by Karsten Wuerth

Simple examples of top down success stories abound but they are rarely mentioned

In Germany, for example, a goal of 65% reliance on clean renewable energy sources is within sight, set as a goal for 2030, but likely will be reached or even surpassed before then.

How was this achieved? Was there a spontaneous surge in individual choices that led to this shift away from Oil and Coal? Of course not. Taxes played a role, industry cooperated, individuals were encouraged, and in some cases required by law, to follow suit.

A very large factor, however, was the lack of Oil interests relative to other countries. In Germany percentage of dependence on foreign oil at very high prices was far above the US or even most of the rest of Northern Europe since WW II. That war itself was lost by the German Axis partially due to the lack of access to cheap oil.

This served, in the short run, to force people to use energy more carefully than in the US. Anything from non essential lighting to refrigeration and air conditioning and individual travel options were limited for the second half of the 20th Century. This was partly due to the market price, but also to the added taxes, which were used to help fund projects like mass transit, and reduce the dependence on oil by having, as a society, a more energy efficient transportation infrastructure.

It’s No Accident that the US has been Lagging Behind in Much Needed Changes for Decades

During the obvious shift in awareness toward this existential challenge facing humankind, with massive predatory greed as its root cause, there can be no foisting of responsibility onto the backs of the common citizen.

It is up to the media to quash and reject the idea that no one can complain about systemic failures unless they lead a private lifestyle that is virtually “carbon free”.

The idea is patently absurd on its face, as if we should all wake up one day and personally replace the freeways with mass transit, for example, even while politicians and industry continue to block sustainable transportation or green lifestyle options for average people through greed and vested interests of the fossil fuel industrial complex.

There is Precedent for this Struggle, and Not a Nice One

Rather, governments, industry and citizenry must all come together against a common enemy, as was done in WW2 in the fight to stop Hitler and the Nazis.

Hitler in this scenario is not the climate crisis itself but rather the corrupt cabal running governments and industry and quietly asserting all its might to prevent positive change from happening.

“If you belong to that small group of people who feel threatened by us, then we have some very bad news for you, because this is only the beginning. Change is coming whether they like it or not.” – Greta Thunberg

A major method the sociopaths of the status quo use to stop positive change is the ridiculous argument that only individuals can solve the problems that are root the cause of the climate crisis.

This is, in fact, true, but not in the way that they are selling. The real and only way that the problems can be solved is by individuals standing up and demanding the worldwide systemic changes necessary to reverse the environmental causes of the crisis.

And if the powers that seek to block those changes stand in the way, they must be removed from power, until they join the dinosaurs they resemble, otherwise all of us face extinction together.

And that goes double for any media outlet that tries to sell you the false narrative the personal, individual actions are primarily to blame, rather than the corrupt decisions of those in power.

It is not just an abdication of responsibility it is willful criminal negligence that would destroy the earth in suicidal destruction, along with the entire human race. Those elements of society blocking the positive changes need to be stopped by any means necessary.

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It’s time to face it: Politicians that propagate Disinformation for the Fossil Fuel Industry are Wrong and Evil, Period



If four years of the Former Guy taught us anything, it’s that we have no time left for evil, soulless greed run amok

Opinion & Analysis

Recent attempts by politicians, beholden to the fossil fuel industry in Texas, to use the collapse of the energy infrastructure during the recent weather disaster as an opportunity to bash and trash wind and solar energy is an example of an unfortunate, banal and still common form of pure evil.

The deeper connections, easily seen lurking just beneath the surface, are rich and multilayered.

If this extreme weather disaster is one of many that are linked to climate change, a manifestation of dangers that climate scientists have been warning of for decades, the irony goes beyond just sick.

Wind and solar energy exist as an early and tentative positive step toward somehow stopping, or at least slowing down, the negative man-made climate change repercussions before it is too late.

The real reasons behind the Texas power grid collapse are related to traditional fossil fuel based energy sources and bad management of the energy infrastructure that can be traced back to an arrogant belief that Texas is better off without connections to the national system.

The local political response to this eminently preventable catastrophe was to bash and trash and blame the very technology that, ultimately, is part of a tentative start to actually begin to solve the bigger problem of man-made climate change.

…the time is gone to accept “two sides” to an argument that, by postponing any real solutions, will kill us all.

Just as the history of the internal combustion engine and the fossil fuel and auto industry’s attempts to prolong its near monopoly, using disinformation and other tactics for over 50 years was evil, the anti-sustainable energy politics in Texas today is just a continuation of that effort.

The time is gone to accept “two sides” to an argument that has one side trying, by attempting to postpone any real solutions, to kill us all, in the name of short term greed.

Under unique circumstances lending legitimacy to evil is too costly to condone

Looking at “both sides” of an issue is a practice based on a theory that “reasonable people” can disagree on diametrically opposed views. This idea is often suspended, however, by unreasonable people for their own reasons. That is sometimes called “war”.

Reasonable people, people, for example that understand climate science and want to prevent the total destruction of the earth and the extinction of all inhabitants, are often reluctant to suspend this idea of “good people on both sides” by their very nature as caring individuals.

“Now we need to understand that the “silence of one good man” can spell disaster for all good people. Each of us who remained passive as our impending disaster continued might have been the one “good man” who didn’t act, didn’t speak out, didn’t resist…

Elayne Clift in Salon

Now is a time when huge changes are going to be forced by an external and highly powerful and dangerous threats to our survival. The changes that are needed involve radically new ways of thinking and acting across many spheres of activity.

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New technologies, such as the aforementioned wind turbines and solar collectors, new forms of transportation, new ways of looking at other causes of, and remedies to, the excessive expulsion of carbon into the atmosphere will be absolutely required.

The truth is that for these new ways of thinking and acting to take over in human commerce the old ways must be cancelled. With extreme prejudice.

The past and those that want to go back to it are a lost cause, unfortunately

Many many “rich” people will be unhappy about this. And they will have politicians in their pocket that will gladly spread lies and disinformation to try and sustain the sick, evil gravy-train of polluting, carbon spewing systems as long as possible.

Sick and evil, not because those ways of surviving for humanity, burning fossil fuels and using them for a million different things that were a benefit in the short term, but because the short term is over.

The various arguments that somehow it is a good idea not to change and for the changes to slow down and not step on any toes as they gradually become “viable” have zero validity as of today (really as of 25 years ago but that’s water under the bridge).

Eventually the climate itself will kill them for their mistakes. Unfortunately it will also kill the rest of us if we allow them to continue to postpone positive change with lies and disinformation.

– D.L.

There must be an understanding among “reasonable” people, people who want to be part of an urgent crusade to save the world, literally, that points of view and the people who espouse them represent evil, plain and simple.

They will scream that reasonable people are “femi-nazis and “eco-terrorists” and say and do whatever it takes to protect what’s left of a deadly status quo. But they are wrong.

Eventually the climate itself will kill them for their mistakes. Unfortunately it will also kill the rest of us if we allow them to continue to postpone positive change with lies and disinformation.

“Every one of these people is the banality of evil personified. Every one of them became what Arendt called a “leaf blowing in the whirlwind of time.” Now every one of them bears responsibility for what could lie ahead.”

Elayne Clift in Salon

This change in thinking about how to respond to this kind of evil will be a more important factor in the survival of humanity than all the technological advances combined.

“World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation.” – Marshall McLuhan (1970), Culture is Our Business, p. 66.

Marshall McLuhan

“Info-wars” were predicted as the battlefield of WWIII by Marshall McLuhan in 1970 and now we are in it and there must be an understanding of what is at stake.

When disinformation is used as a perennial weapon against positive, necessary change it is necessary to do more than disagree. It is necessary to expose the lies and, more importantly, the obvious sick and criminal motives for the lies. Over and over as often as necessary.

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Climate Crisis

Elon Musk donating $100M for Carbon Capture Tech: Twitter wants Trees



Immediate pushback is a healthy sign of debate

Elon Musk is one of the most interesting humans, and now he is also, at any given moment, the wealthiest. It’s somewhat unusual, even on Twitter, to see anything but positive and supportive reactions to his tweets, given the level of love and admiration he has among followers.

Tree and Man Graphic

Above: Photo / Adobe Stock

Add to that the concrete, if cryptic, pledge to donate 100M towards a prize for the “best carbon capture tech. It has been pointed out that this is .05% of his net worth, but that is an odd calculation, it seems, since Tesla itself is firmly on the side of climate rescue, with it’s stated mission to “to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy”.

It is, as a matter of fact, what separates Musk from almost every other tech-billionaire: His motivations are not to acquire wealth as an end but only to support his planet and species saving efforts. Others, such as his sometimes rival (not worthy) Jeff Bezos, can not claim any such thing with a straight face (or any believability).

The reactions were swift and attempted humor but also truth

Click to see “Kiss the Ground” on bookshop. Also available on Amazon.

The number of replies that popped up swiftly proposing planting trees as likely the best “carbon capture tech” that would deserve such a prize was noteworthy. Because, in one of the few criticisms of the EV revolution that Tesla has started, it is likely not enough to rely solely on “S3XY” technology to save the world from carbon emissions causing global warming and climate change.

Not only is the plant-a-tree a valid rejoinder to the idea that some kind of elaborate technological breakthrough is needed (Bill Gates recently suggested blotting out the sun as a cooling solution), but there are also other “low tech” solutions that should not get short-shrift in order to fund expensive, possibly overly technological, solutions to a problem of our own making.

The recent highly acclaimed documentary film “Kiss the Ground” proposes soil regeneration to reduce carbon emission, improve health benefits of food and, at the same time actually reduce the amount of carbon already in the atmosphere.

Read More: “Kiss The Ground” Documentary Offers Hopeful Remedy to Climate Change by Focusing on Soil Regeneration

The arguments made by this excellent documentary beg the question: why not take funds, such as those being offered by Elon Musk, and divert them first towards obvious, low-tech solutions with proven results, rather than funding a moon-shot style tech search for a method that may, in then end, like so much that has come before, have unintended and even possibly negative repercussions.

At the very least, shouldn’t a portion of this 100 million, or even an equal sum (purportedly amounting to, therefore, 1% rather than .05% of Musks net worth) be allocated to existing, proven methods, rather than a search for new tech invented out of whole cloth?

Twitter posts hit a nerve, now maybe government and private funding should follow common sense

This is not a scientific or detail specific criticism. There may well be “issues” with planting trees or recovering damages soil around the world, and in the process reversing carbon imbalances and even reducing the levels currently measured.

But common sense says otherwise. The destruction of the soil and the deforestation of the globe are part and parcel of the same problem, extreme dependence on fossil fuel long after the dangers were well known, that has caused the current and worsening global problem.

Elon Musk is a hero of the sustainable energy movement, as he well should be. It is powerful and dedicated figures like Musk that are needed, desperately, to solve the looming and already unfolding crises that we face.

The voices for trees and soil regeneration are also an extremely important element of the solutions that are desperately needed, sans the hoopla and massive money prize that tech already has attached.

Would it be too far fetched, @elonmusk, for these various factions, all wanting the same result, to cooperate and collaborate on all the solutions that will undoubtedly be required is we are to pull back from the brink and substantially improve the condition of a planet on its way to possible total annihilation?

Read more: Climate Crisis Coverage by Lynxotic

Thanks to Elon Musk for all his contributions and they are many. Rescuing the E.V. and turning the entire auto industry on it’s head and bringing about an accelerating transition to sustainable transportation much sooner than could have happened without him and Tesla.

Creating the understanding that a business and an entrepreneur does not have to focus relentlessly on profit for its own sake to be successful and powerful. And, as for giving the human species a “plan-b” in the form of abandoning a dying earth in favor of Mars, let’s stick with plan A for now and plant trees, reiterate the soil and, yes, find other solutions to the massive carbon emissions that are choking the life out of our world.

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Jonathan Scott’s Solar Movie: Frustrated with Warren Buffett, Property Brothers star decided to act



Renovate the future could be an apt title for “Power Trip”

Perhaps a reality TV star is not the first place or person one would think of when considering the next cutting edge filmmaker to take on the corruption and controversies surrounding the potential transition to sustainable energy.

However, as someone who, on his show, is seen as an expert in home renovation, particularly high end homes, a solar-roof and energy installation is becoming standard and so it is natural that Johnathan Scott, Co-Host of the series of “Property Brothers” shows and associated products would have been exposed to the ins and outs of installing solar panels.

More surprising, however, is the way his experiences took him on a journey of discovery that led to him creating a serious and hard-hitting documentary film on the challenges and even the politics surrounding the solar industry. His eye-opening discoveries mirror his experiences and, by extension, give viewers of the film an opportunity to see this controversial state of affairs through his sympathetic eyes.

Read more: Dancing to Save the World: Elon Musk’s Infectious Joy is the Real Deal


In “Power Trip”, Property Brothers co-host and home-renovation expert Jonathan Scott journeys all across the U.S. to uncover why clean, renewable energy isn’t available to all. While traveling to learn both the obstacles and opportunities for achieving energy freedom, Jonathan talks with conservatives fighting for solar freedom; sits down with farmers struggling to make ends meet; engages coal workers desperate for a new, healthy means of making an income; the Navajo Nation who built a utility-scale solar plant; religious leaders who made a desperate attempt to help meet their community’s energy needs; and politicians at the forefront of the battle for energy freedom. 

Shortly after they finally approved us, they killed net metering in Nevada. And all of us a sudden, solar companies left the state, and my head sort of spun, and I was like, “What the hell is going on here?” And that’s when I started digging in. I hired a researcher. And we discovered this secret war being waged against rooftop solar.

Johnathan Scott on his INSPIRATION FOR MAKING “Power Trip”

Above: Trailer for Jonathan Scott’s Power Trip

While the film may not be from a major name in the sustainable energy or climate crisis movements, for that very reason, one could say it has potentially enhanced credibility or at least a more approachable back-story with an experienced TV host known to many for his more traditional fare.

Read more: ‘This Changes Everything’

    • Premiered November 16, 2020
    • Took 3 and a half years to produce
    • story about corruption that he fell into when trying to solar his roof in NV 
    • Best known for his HGTV reality show “Property Brothers”, where Jonathan and his brother Brew purchase and renovate houses on a budget. 

“The film explores how utility companies across the country have fought to maintain their monopolies, focusing on power players including Buffett’s NV Energy, Duke Energy in North Carolina and Southern Company subsidiary Georgia Power.”


More quotes from Jonathan Scott:

“It turned into a human story. I traveled around the country. I met with hundreds of people from all different walks of life. And I discovered that across the board, whether they are Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, city dwellers, country dwellers — everybody agreed that renewable energy was a good thing. They liked the idea of being able to produce their own power. The only people I found that were against it were people affiliated with fossil-fuel companies or the utilities.”

“We need some sort of national energy policy that will not only bring that cost down and simplify the process, but also promote what is the future of energy. When I started the film, there were 20 coal-fired power plants slated to be built in the U.S. By the end, all of those projects were either abandoned or shut down. And that’s a good thing. We are moving in the right direction.”

“But solar is still being met with opposition. The new trend is that a lot of utilities are saying, “We’re pro-solar, we’re pro-renewable energy.” They support utility-scale solar farms, but they’re anti-rooftop solar because they want to own the power.”

“I was a big fan of Warren and all the stuff he’s done. Then I saw him talking about how net metering is a subsidy. Either he was severely misinformed by the people who work for him who run NV Energy, or he was lying through his teeth. Warren is an intelligent guy, and I don’t think he would ignorantly run a company of that magnitude without knowing what’s happening.”

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‘This Changes Everything’: Documentary on how Climate Crisis and Failed Capitalism are Inextricably Intertwined



As massive political and economic crises come into focus a must-solve climate issue looms

After nearly four years of madness emanating from the White House, now, even as the world reels from a pandemic that has yet to show signs of abating, another issue is still to come back into the center of our consciousness, and soon. If and when the vaccines and immune system strengths among survivors increases, other serious issues will come to the forefront, if not sooner.

Along with another great recent documentary on how to solve the climate crisis, “Kiss the Ground“, this documentary is inspired by the book by Naomi Klein and is called ‘This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate’. It is unique in that it exposes the deep and obvious ties between failed capitalist systems and the climate crisis. Since we are already facing, as 2021 rapidly approaches, a twin if not triple group of crises, with the economic devastation potentially even worse, in the coming years, than either the pandemic or the climate crisis, the message of this film is more urgent than ever.

Read More: “Kiss The Ground” Documentary Offers Hopeful Remedy to Climate Change by Focusing on Soil Regeneration

The premise that the climate crisis actually presents an opportunity to change the entire world economic system for the better has been made even more pertinent and cogent by the events of 2020, both by the political disaster brought about by Trump, particularly his anti-environmental crusades, and the pandemic, which brought economic hardship upon millions worldwide.

The future is, in some ways, clearer than ever before

The positive side of this debate, what ‘could be‘ rather than the devastating and depressing reality of what already is, has a great potential to become a growing and expanding movement in 2021 and beyond. Ultimately, the climate crisis, as an extinction level threat, is, without a doubt, a wake-up call for the entire human race and almost certainly the last one that will be coming.

In other words, we all need to wake up to what might be the only solutions to this threat, or else we simply won’t be around to try any alternative solutions.

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