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Heatwave Hits Hard Across East and Midwest: Precautions and Predictions



After Hellish Weekend Worst Should Abate Next Week

Practically the entire east coast and most of the Midwest are sweltering in an intense humidity enhanced wave of record temperatures.

Large outdoor events such as festivals and even the NYC Triathlon were cancelled. A heat emergency was declared in Boston, anticipating a rise in heat related health and safety issues.

They are taking this seriously in New York, and have set up 500 “cooling centers” around the city.

Also in NYC, after various electricity related problems and the blackout last weekend, the 5 boroughs are on edge with massive demand from air conditioning and cooling appliances expected to stress the system further. Washington D.C. and Chicago are anticipating the same dangers to their systems due to the high demand.

Man is refreshing himself in Public square under summer high temperature with Fire hydrant water

The blistering barrage is being felt as far west as Texas and north to Canada and even Alaska. The Great Lakes region and as far as Colorado and Kansas are also being affected

The entire weekend is expected to remain hot, with possible relief coming as soon as Monday, as many areas of the US are expecting rain to start the work week ahead.

The wave is being seen as a worsening of summer extremes related to the climate crisis. After France and Europe experienced all time record high temperatures and even the arctic seas are being monitored at unheard of temps.

To Stay Cool, The Key is to Fight Back with Awareness: A Few Tips to Reduce the Danger

Stay Out Of It

This is obvious and sometimes not possible if you work outdoors, but it is important to alter your routine and stay low. Simply avoiding the heat by staying indoors or maximizing shade will at least reduce the temperatures that you are exposed to. If you are stuck in a place that is oppressively hot you can at least try to work with your body to stay cool.


Water is paramount and this is the most obvious way to help your body stay cool. Iced peppermint tea can also give a cooling lift.

Homemade AC

A throwback to days before widespread electricity, a makeshift “swamp-cooler” can be devised using pre-frozen filled plastic water bottles on the floor in front of a fan.

Nighttime Tricks to Sleep Cool

Cooling your bed and your body before bed can help enhance your rest during the stress. The so-called “Egyptian Method” uses cold water sprinkled on sheets before laying down to help your body fight back. The new twist on this is to take your folded sheets and put the I’m the freezer for 30 minutes before laying them out.

Beware of Baking Car Interiors

Cars are heat collectors and generators, unless necessary, it’s better to stay our of them, naturally the AC is a natural attraction, but the heat all around the car will rise and inside, without ac will likely be hotter than the surrounding temps. Obviously, leaving pets or children (!) in a parked car is a recipe for disaster.

If You are Out In it or have Special Health Issues, Get Help

Big cities have emergencies “Cooling Centers” set up and across the country city governments and city service workers are on alert to help those in need. If we stick together and reach out to lend a hand we’ll all make it cool into next week, when the temperatures are expected to come down.

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