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Impressive Robots: one can sing Celine Dion while another grooves to ‘Dirty Dancing’



Above: Photo / Engineered Arts UK

The future is a robot, yes they can climb, run and are singing and dancing up a storm

Meet Cleo, she’s a next-gen robot, that besides looking very human-like, with her realistic hair, skin, eyes, teeth and body movements, this robot can even do impersonations.  Watch the Youtube video, below, from the company that created her, as she belts out a version of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”. 

Although she can in no way compare to the superstar artist, yet, the expressions and feelings are uncanny, while also a little creepy. It’s getting to be a shock to the system, watching how humans can engineer robots to do more and more life-like actions!

According to the company, Engineered Arts, Cleo is built off the Mesmer platform, its robot system for building lifelike humanoid machines that include sophisticated design components:

  • Hardware – Motors, Electronics and Connectors
  • Sensors – Cameras, Depth Sensors, LIDAR, Microphones
  • Firmware – Motor control for speed, position and torque
  • Software – For control of Animation, interaction, audio and lighting 

Cleo was created, according to the company, with advanced technology for entertainment purposes. The future and scope of roles for robots appears to be limitless. AI and advances to robot technology can bring aids and have many useful purposes, particularly to help with challenges that have arisen and continue to arise as humanity tries to come to terms with its own uncertain future.

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Take Sophia the robot. Built by Hanson Robotics, the company has plans to mass produce these types of robots to collaborate with healthcare professionals and help during the covid-19 pandemic.

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Dancing Robots from Boston Dynamics in sync with ‘Do You Love Me’

Cleo and Sophia aren’t the only Robots that can perform.  The crew at Boston Dynamics, the company responsible for creating highly sophisticated robots that can tackle highly complex tasks, have a line of robotic “creatures” that have to be seen to be believed. Just a few challenges its robots are able to perform include: climbing rugged terrain, lifting heavy materials, and even helping doctors. 

Above: Video, Photo /Boston Dynamics / Twitter

There is one more task that can be added to the list, they can learn dance choreography.  The company shared a video of its three robots named Atlas (known for navigating), Handle (known for carrying heavy loads) and Spot (the dog robot) showing off impressive dance moves to the hit song from movie “Dirty Dancing”.   Back in 2018, the company shared another dancing video of Spot grooving to ‘Uptown Funk’.

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