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iOS Update 12.1.4 Released

Bug fix released today for the infamous “FaceTime” glitch that enabled unauthorized remote listening.



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Fix For FaceTime Bug Included

The newest iOS fix for iPhone and iPad was released today and can be accessed via software update. Apple recommends that all users update immediately to install a patch that fixes the nasty bug that enabled eavesdropping via FaceTime.

The issue, where an iPhone microphone could become active without user consent or participation, appears to have been related to the new group FaceTime calling feature that was added late last year with the iOS 12 launch.

Stories documenting the problem have flooded the blogisphere lately and Apple was forced to temporarily disable the group FaceTime feature while the patch was being prepared.

Although it’s very likely that most of us have little to fear from anyone listening to our uneventful private conversations, the thought alone is enough to cause concerns.

As per the usual method, going to Settings>General>Software Update and then choosing “Update and Install” is highly recommended, just make sure you are either plugged into power or have at least 55% battery life (to be sure). Fortunately, with this update, the FaceTime bug days should almost certainly be in the past.

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