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iPhone Photography Awards Announced, Volume 5: Children and Landscape



Above: short video introducing our iphone photography awards series

In this, the Fifth Article in a Series Featuring all the Winners, See Photos of the Top Three Awards for the Categories: Children and Landscape

With photo submissions from over 140 countries around the world it is no surprise that some amazing shots were captured in incredible locations. – Bayan Ulgi, Mongolia, for example – The authenticity of the subject matter is on clear display and there is something about the light…

Naturally, unbelievable photos can happen anywhere, anytime, which is the beauty of having a camera that is always with you. Don’t overlook the “honorable mentions” either. The two mosaic galleries below show how high the competitive artistry was and how difficult it must have been to choose.

Established in 2007, IPPAWARDS have featured the worlds best iPhone photographers and photos since the iPhone’s inception. The deadline to enter the next years program is March 2020, so, use these great images as inspiration to take your best shot. Who knows, it might be you taking the Grand Prize in 2020!

First Place Winner, Children : Neri Rivas

First place Children photo shot in Los Angeles, California, on an iPhone XS by Neri Rivas – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Neri Rivas – IPPAWARDS

”Neri Rivas was born in el pueblo de Los Angeles, CA. With a passion for movies and comic books, Neri refined his pencil sketches to a love of graphic design to tell stories through single imagery.”

”This photo was taken outside a supermarket in Los Angeles. My son Jasper wore a raptor mask and a Dodgers hat and we made up a story about Jasper the Raptor, a dinosaur boy who was hungry and went to the grocery store.”

Second Place, Children : Kirill Voynovskiy

 Second place Children photo shot in St. Petersburg, Russia, on an iPhone 6 by Kirill Voynovskiy – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Kirill Voynovskiy – IPPAWARDS

”I live in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg.”

”This is my daughter Olivia.”

Mosaic Gallery, Honorable Mentions: Children

Third Place, Children : David Booker

Third place Children photo shot in Peak Rail, Derbyshire, on an iPhone XS Max by David Booker – IPPAWARDS
Photo of David Booker – IPPAWARDS

”I live in Derbyshire, England and have exhibited iPhone photography on a number of occasions in the UK and USA under the name of Blemished Eye – a collection of dark, somewhat alternative portraiture. Since the birth of my son just over two years ago I’ve shifted my attention to documenting family life but this is the first time I’ve shared such an image outside of family and close friends.  I manage an independent bookshop – Scarthin Books of Cromford – and live with my wife, Eve, and young son, Gabriel and have a daughter, Sophie, who is at University.”

”My two year old son, Gabriel, totally captivated by his first experience of traveling by steam train.”

First Place, Landscape : Hsueh Isan

First place Landscape photo shot in Umm Sayhoun, Jordan, on an iPhone SE by Hsueh Isan – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Hsueh Isan – IPPAWARDS

”An architecture designer from Taiwan who enjoys capturing life.”

”An unexpected scene on the road to Petra.”

Second Place, Landscape : Erik Burdett

Second place Landscape photo shot in Canyon, Texas, on an iPhone XR by Erik Burdett – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Erik Burdett – IPPAWARDS

”Erik Burdett is a freelance photographer and writer living in windswept West Texas with his two dogs Disco and Mary.”

”The photo was taken on one of my many hikes in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.”

Mosaic Gallery, Honorable Mentions: Landscape

Third Place, Landscape : Guoxi Chen

Third place Landscape photo shot in Lake Baikal, Russia, on an iPhone 8 Plus by Guoxi Chen – IPPAWARDS
Photo of Guoxi Chen – IPPAWARDS

”I am a photographer of Humanities and scenery. I travel around the world with passion and eyes for beauty. Also, try to record the most beautiful moments of the planet with a lens.”

”Lake Baikal is frozen for thousands of miles in winter. Because of the ice, people can walk on the lake. On a snowy morning, I took a picture of Lake Baikal, using the lead wire on the ice as the foreground.”

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