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Ivanka Trump struts to music while delivering food to struggling Americans



Remind us again, why families are in such desperate need?

Ivanka Trump, first daughter, posted a video of herself, in an extreme-self-congratulatory fashion, with instrumental music playing in the background. In the oddly disconcerting clip she can be seen working “hard” to hand deliver boxes of food to those in need. 

In the final days left of Trump’s term, apparently, his eldest daughter felt the need to make her presence known. 

According to many on Twitter, her strange, weak attempts to display compassion (with a clear agenda to promote herself) failed to convey actual concerned authenticity, despite the fact that millions of people continue to be seriously affected during the coronavirus pandemic.

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In her Twitter post, along with her PR video, her caption read: 

“I visited Woodbridge, VA to help deliver #FarmersToFamilies food boxes to those in need in the community,” she tweeted. “Our #FarmersToFamilies Program has delivered 125 M boxes of farm fresh produce, meat, & dairy and served 3.2 B meals to hungry Americans during the pandemic.”

Many were quick to respond to how the video came off; pointing out how staged, inauthentic and tone-deaf her post actually was. 

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