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Joe Biden on US Capitol Riot: “It’s not protest, it’s insurrection”



Above: Video / Instagram /

This is breaking news coverage of the active situation at the US Capitol in Washington D.C. Trump “supporters” are attacking the Capitol and some have made it inside. The video above from Instagram shows what happened earlier during a skirmish as the entrance to the Capitol was breached.

Opinion and observation on the unfolding situation:

Once again a “shocking” turn of events related to Trump that was telegraphed and even specifically detailed days and weeks in advance.

Once again a situation where the response of law enforcement shows a reticence toward confrontation not customary in similar situations not related to Trump followers.

However, without downplaying a clearly historic, shocking and dangerous situation, there is, without some very big surprise that is not likely, no possibility of any “victory” or any outcome that would benefit Trump or the followers who have responded to Trump’s rhetoric and broken laws.

The situation is, as of this writing, still unfolding, but the character and outrageousness of the acts are far more meaningful than any real danger. Like Trump himself, the followers represent a huge annoyance and disgusting manifestation, but are ultimately, impotent fools.

Regardless of what James Comey might think, as of today, no one in their right mind with any sense of decency or justice can now condone this idea that Trump should not be held accountable for his many alleged crimes. Today ended any possibility of that stance, unless one wants to join his alleged criminal exploits.

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CNN coverage:

“These are not protestors, they are mobsters or rioters”

Wolf Blitzer, CNN

“They are probably too stupid to know they are going to jail”


Joe Biden in televised address:

“This is not dissent this is disorder”

President Elect Joe Biden

“It borders on sedition”


“It’s not protest, it’s insurrection” 


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