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Kristen Stewart in ‘Happiest Season’ brings LGBTQ cheer in the Hulu holiday romance



Happiest Season

Above: Photo from “Happiest Season / Courtesy of Hulu

 Praise for Stewart in first “Out and Proud” Christmas movie 

Around this time of year, there are usually a handful of beloved holiday movies like “Home Alone, “Family Stone” and many more.   Today, a new Christmas romantic comedy has dropped, “Happiness Season” just in time for the long 4 day Thanksgiving holiday.  This film is a little unique in that the focus centers around two lesbian women.  

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The now streaming movie was originally meant for a theatrical release, yet due to the current climate, found its way to the Hulu streaming platform. 

Kristen Stewart (in real life openly gay) plays Abby and Mackenzie Davis plays Harper, a happy couple, whose relationship is put to the test. Harper invites Abby back to her parents for the holidays. Only during the drive is it revealed that her family doesn’t know she is gay and hasn’t yet come out to anyone in the family.   Abby has to pose as a straight friend.   Bonus, the hilarious Dan Levy, plays John, Abby’s best friend. 

“it’s really nice to watch a movie that you get to completely rid yourself of that [feeling] knowing that you can laugh at that experience and that catharsis knowing that what you’re getting is an earned happiness. You get to laugh at these weird fears of saying the wrong thing around someone’s family or not being able to lie very well so maybe they’ll know I’m gay.”

-Kristen Stewart 

Director Clea DuVall, who is openly out herself, commented on the film, “I love Christmas movies but I had never really seen myself represented in one before”.  Her take away goal was “wanting to feel like I was seeing me in a movie like this, which I had never seen before. And my experience is not unique. I’m not the only one going through it. So there has to be a lot of other people who are also feeling underrepresented.” 

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