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Lion King’s Monarchy Reigns Supreme



Box Office Bounty Breaks all Barriers at $531M Worldwide

Simba Roars as Critics Cower…

Once more a Disney fan favorite is remade to record smashing box office receipts.

With a record $185M in it’s opening weekend in the US and a total Cume of $531M globally, the digital “faux” live action fantasy remake scores the highest ever domestic debut for a PG flick, and the ninth-biggest first week for any rating.

After being almost universally panned by critics for being, allegedly, to much of an exact copy of the original 1994 animated version, albeit with the technical twist, which was lauded, generally.

With overall box office performance in 2019 trailing the previous year by nine percentage points, going into the King’s inaugural weekend, it was a welcome event for industry insiders, as the feline’s performance lowered that deficit by almost two points, as the weekend tally began to emerge.

The powerful cat attracted female audience attentions by an almost 60% majority, a stat borne out by our own research.

Favreau’s recreation of the “everything the light touches’’ scene is perhaps not significantly different in content, yet is a new form of experience due to the presentation. This is the iconic scene where King Mufasa explains to his son Simba where and how they rule. Even better, James Earl Jones reprises his roll as King Mufasa, and delivers a commandingly enunciated speech once again.

For those who have not yet seen a preview of the box office wonder, the official trailer can be viewed above.

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