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Mary Trump’s Bombshell Book on Donald’s Damage out on July 14th



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Truckloads on the road to fulfill Tuesday launch orders…

Simon and Schuster, the publisher for the upcoming exposé of how the Trump family “created the world’s most dangerous man” according to the book’s subtitle, will be officially on sale next Tuesday. Previously it had been scheduled for release on July 28th.

The new plan for the accelerated publication appears to be based on the release, last week, of the publisher from a temporary restraining order. Since there are tens of thousands of copies already in the hands of reviewers and as pre-release stock for bookstores, it is highly unlikely that any further legal maneuvering can prevent the release next Tuesday.

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Some details begin to emerge from the author herself

The back cover information, also posted today on the publishers web site, gives substantial insight into the style and direction of the book. Quoted directly from the text, we get a taste of the kind of analysis that one could expect from a Psychologist with a PhD from the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies, which is the biographical description given by Simon & Schuster of Mary Trump’s educational background.

Using highly personal insights, culled from her close family ties, into the childhood of the President, it paints a picture of arrested development and emotional immaturity, based, according to the author, on “abuse”.

Today, Donald is much as he was at three years old: incapable of growing, learning or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in and synthesize information.”

— Mary L. Trump in “Too Much and Never Enough
Back Cover of
Too Much and Never Enough
released today by Simon & Schuster

Although there appears to be little chance of a legal challenge toward the publisher, it is likely that the legal representatives of both Donald Trump and his younger brother Robert will continue with all possible challenges, if only to prevent Mary any opportunity to profit from sales of the tomb.

“That Fred would become the primary source Donald’s solace when he was much more likely to be a source of fear or rejection put Donald into an intolerable position: total dependence on a caregiver who also caused him terror. Donald suffered deprivations that would scar him for life.


As of this writing the book sits at the top of best seller lists, while the West Wing exposé, John Bolton’s “The Room Where it Happened”, is at #2.

Now, as if that was not enough regarding well-timed Trump related book bombshells, according to a google books summary posted by the publisher, Gallery Books, (which is an imprint of Simon & Schuster) Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, known to be close friend of Melania Trump is also planning to release a tell-all about the First Lady “this fall”. Wolkoff who was former adviser to the East Wing, will divulge details from their 15 year relationship. Titled: ‘Melania and Me: My Years as Confidant, Advisor and Friend to the First Lady’  it will be on shelves as early as September 1st, based on a Vanity Fair report

The New York Times also reported that Wolkoff was cooperating with Manhattan federal prosecutors in their investigation of Trump inaugural committee and its fundraising and spending practices. The article also delves into disputes between the soon-to-be author and the White House regarding the circumstances under which she left her position as East Wing advisor.

A description of the book by the publisher, as detailed in the Vanity Fair piece, says that it will start when Wolkoff met Melania and became friends, and weave through her help planning the 58th presidential inauguration, along with “navigating the White House and East Wing.”

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