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Massive Explosion in Beirut: buildings destroyed, thousands injured and over 70 dead



video footage of beirut explosion

Blast at a firework depot rocks Lebanese residents from miles away

A huge explosion has rocked Beirut, the capital of Lebanon on Tuesday, August 4, 2020,  causing many injuries, overturned cars, blown out windows and damaged buildings all across the city.  This is a breaking and developing story so there will be additional details to follow. According to the most current information, sources on location are stating this blast was likely an accident caused by a fire from within a warehouse that holds highly explosive materials (i.e. fireworks) near the port in Beirut.  

The captured video leading up to the explosion shows a large mushroom-shaped plume of billowing smoke, above a fire with crackling lights that appear to be fireworks. Seconds later, a fiery red cloud immediately follows a huge blast, sending massive amounts of smoke barreling towards the city. You can hear bystanders scream, undoubtedly trying to get to safety. The smoke and shockwave of the blast has destroyed buildings miles away from the port with final reports of the damage expected to be even worse.  

Residential properties as far away as 10 kilometers ( 6 miles) also experienced damage from the blow. Witnesses reported seeing the fire initially without realizing that an explosion would soon follow. Due to this confusion, the blast appears to have caused many that were in close proximity to experience temporary deafening effects. The explosion was so strong that the sound of the blast could be heard as far away as Nicosia on the Eastern Mediterranean island of Cyprus which is 240 kilometers (150 miles) away. 

This developing story likely to have dire updates To come

Hamad Hasan, Lebanon’s health minister has stated that many have been injured and hospitals are anticipated to be overwhelmed by casualties of the blast. Hasan later remarked to the news that more than 50 people have been killed and more than 3,000 injured. A Lebanese Red Cross official, George Kettaneh said there were hundred of casualties – both dead and wounded but was unable to give an exact number. Marwan Abboud, the governor of Beirut spoke on its local television network explaining they did not know exactly what caused the explosion and called the event a national catastrophe. 

The Prime Minister of Lebanon, Hassan Diab stated in a televised speech that those responsible for the explosion would be held accountable for its devastating results.

“I promise you that this catastrophe will not pass without accountability… Those responsible will pay the price.”

Hassan Diab / lebanon’s prime minister

It has been a truly horrible time in history for Lebanon, the explosion just making matters even worse. The country is already suffering an extreme economic crisis that has left many of its population suffering from poverty. In addition the country has been in a civil war for nearly 25 years, as well as suffering due to the repeated conflicts with Israel and Hezbollah, a militant group, near Lebanon’s southern border.

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