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Memes are Multiplying after Wacko-witness Astounds in Hearing on Alleged Voter-Fraud



Rudy Giuliani’s “star” witness brings about all the LOLs

Late night hosts: Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel all weighed in on the very absurd testimony given in Michigan. No one knew the name Melissa Carone before Dec. 1, but the now viral videos will undoubtedly be turned into memes and SNL sketches very soon.

Amy Schumer!

Above: Amy Schumer does her, yes very funny, rendition!

“It’s not a good sign when Rudy Giuliani has to lean over and go, ‘You’re making a fool of yourself.’”


“I’ve watched this clip around 14 times now; I’m still not convinced she’s a real person.”


“She concluded her testimony by saying: ‘I would like to speak to America’s manager. I’ll wait.’”


“What are the odds she’s wearing a ‘Rosé All Day’ tank top under that scarf?”


“Once again, that was their star witness. Where does Rudy keep finding these people, LinkedInsane?”


“I don’t know that woman, but I can guarantee you her Uber rating is below two stars.”


Carone’s Testimony on the alleged Voter Fraud is like as kit from out of ‘SNL’

Even if Rudy Giuliani will retire from all the recent comedy he has provided, the baton has been passed Ms. Carone. With her “talent” and flair for the dramatics, we can all look forward to many more years of comedic rants from this oversight committee hearing.

It’s hard not to immediately compare the insanity that was called a testimony and not compare it to performances on “Saturday Night Live”. Specifically like the above video that hilariously showcases Cecily Strong’s drunk girl character.

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