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Nashville RV Explosion Surveillance Video and Possible Motives being Investigated



Surveillance footage of the RV with Warning and the Explosion

At 6:30.02 am precisely on December 25th 2020 an explosion occurred, caused by an RV, rigged to explode, parked next to the  AT&T transmission building at 166 2nd Avenue North in downtown Nashville. 15 minutes prior to the explosion a loud audio recording of a woman’s voice blasted from the recreational vehicle, warning to evacuate. The voice indicated that there was a bomb that was going to go off in 15 minutes.

The massive explosion that followed shattered windows and damaged several buildings near the AT&T building. Initially there were reports of shots fired and police responded. Reports of gunfire being heard by witnesses in the area were countered, seemingly, by the authorities indicating that no evidence has yet surfaced of any gunfighting.

However, the RV was recognized as suspicious and, after hearing the warning recording begin and the voice saying that an explosion was coming in 15 minutes (in a count down format), the officers, risking their own lives, evacuated as many local residents as possible before the explosion.

According to local officials, 41 buildings were damaged and one partially collapsed. The area is cordoned off and no one will be allowed in until at least Sunday afternoon.

Based on surveillance cameras in the area the RV arrived at 1:22 am. No footage has surfaced of anyone in the RV or leaving the scene. Although there are reports of human remains it is not yet determined if this is related to the alleged perpetrators or even if the remains are related to the bombing.

“Intentional Bombing” has been the most definitive headline so far attempting to ascribe any motive or meaning to the event.

On Twitter, naturally, the speculation has begun, and in this case it bears consideration. The fact that various communication capabilities were put out of commission as a result of the blast has led to questions as to the intention of whomever set off the bomb.It has been speculated that it could be a “test” of some sort, since various groups have threatened to disrupt communications recently.

Another obvious possible explanation is suicide, although it has been pointed out that this was a highly sophisticated and elaborate way to achieve that relatively simple objective, if that were the case. As to AT&T being the target there is no doubt that theory is currently under investigation.

On the further fringe of speculation is the supposed connection between the voting machines and the company that makes them, Dominion, and Trump’s lawsuits and claims of voter fraud. This series of tweets, without specifically putting forth any unsubstantiated theories, brings up a series of interesting observations pointing toward the high significance of finding out much more detail on the motives and perpetrators behind the blast:

And then there was this (!) The mayor laughing repeatedly about what he seems to feel is a funny explosion. No idea what to make of this, perhaps overwhelmed guy nervously chuckling but it does not instill confidence in an emergency to have the cities mayor joking about a tragic explosion that may have been an act of terrorism…

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