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Netflix breaks Own Record: ‘Red Notice’ now has Biggest streaming Debut in History



According to the Smart TV measurement firm Samba TV, 4.2 Million US households watched Netflix’s “Red Notice” during its debut weekend. These numbers triggered a historical, record breaking amount of streams – a new all time high for the Netflix streaming service.

Although Rotten Tomatoes scored the action comedy as only 35% “tomatometer” the audience score ranked a whopping 91%.

Having watched the movie myself I can understand the scoring. The movie is kinda what you would expect with the typical humor of Ryan Reynolds and The Rock. It is the type of movie you can watch on autopilot and not really have to think about the overall plot. The film is enjoyable to watch considering the all-star cast, yet as some reviews have mentioned, the movie does follow the same contrived premise of previous action/heist flicks.

Yet – who cares?! Sometimes viewers just want a daily dose of escapism and that premise is proven with the record breaking weekend “Red Notice” received.

Above: Photo Credit: Netflix

Below Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds commented on the biggest opening day for the movie on their Twitter pages:

If you haven’t yet watched Netflix’s latest record breaking action/comedy movie, check out official trailer:

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