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Netflix on Android devices will have ‘studio-quality’ sound, now in new update



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Welcome audio upgrade in store for Android Netflix viewers

If you use the Netflix app on android, you will soon have a vastly improved audio experience after an update incorporating the xHE-AAC format. The new updated app’s audio (Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC) will offer Android viewers watching films ‘studio quality’ sound.

A prime additional feature of the upgrade will be a form of automatic switching, depending on the speed of your cellular network and reception. The studio-quality audio will be triggered in the best “optimal” network situations while minimized rebuffers will kick-in as needed when you have sub-par reception or a congested network.

“With its capability to improve intelligibility in noisy environments, adapt to variable cellular connections, and scale to studio-quality, xHE-AAC will be a sonic delight to members who stream on these devices.”

Netflix Tech Blog
  • Thanks to xHE-AAC codec in the new update (Extended HE-AAC with MPEG-D DRC) Android viewers will have ‘studio quality’ sound.
  • Utilizes the technology ‘dynamic range control’ to reduce any difference between loud and quiet parts of a movie or TV show.
  • In addition with ‘loud management’ support, it will allow viewers to watch titles at a consistent volume
  • compatible for Android mobile devices 9 and above

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