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New iPad 10.2″ Retina Released – Video from Apple keynote Showcases the First 7th Generation iPad



Above: Video of Apple September Special Event keynote announcing the new ipad 7th gen.

$329 price point for this size is groundbreaking

This new iPad will benefit greatly from the new, iPadOS 13.1. With a bump from 9.7 to 10.2 this new version is twice as fast and has a larger screen in the same size case. Not quite as powerful as the current iPad Pro model, but with the A10 Fusion chip it will have some power for all the new multi-tasking features in iPadOS.

The new OS is a huge and “under the radar” shift in the history of tablets and computing. The long running debate over the possibility of the iPad being considered a “laptop replacement” continues but the beginning of the end comes with iPadOS.

It’s not the features or performance, although those are impressive, but the commitment to building an OS that is neither a “touch-screen computer” or, well, an iPad.

Instead, the new direction (finally!) for iPadOS, is an attempt, often emphasized by Apple while few listened, to take advantage of possibilities that only the iPad could achieve. The workflow and User Experience will continue to grow and transform and, at the same time, remain a completely unique and new “thing” living between laptop, desktop and iPhone.

Photo / Apple

The Smart Keyboard is compatible with the new iPad, as is the Apple Pencil. The emphasis in the “September Special Event” this year, as we, unlike some others, expected, is the truly huge evolution of the entire Apple Ecosystem. A particular and spectacular new product? Well, that’s in the eye of the beholder. “Just a better camera, just more pixels? just a faster processors?, all of this is great, but we’ve all become jaded and unmoved.

It’s the “invisible” evolution of the infrastructure that is the real “one more thing” that is never mentioned. Although many can not or do not take full advantage (in all fairness, who can?) it is the slowly creeping, relentless improvement in how the various devices work and, most importantly, work together, that is the real “game changer”.

Photo / Apple

Also in stealth mode until the September Special Event unveiling, is what Apple is calling “Machine Learning” along with Deep Fusion which are sort of like forms of AI without the scary world ending Musk scenarios. The new chips in iPad, iPhone and Macs (don’t forget Apple Watch!) are extending and continuing this aspect of why intensely complex activities gradually become commonplace on and across devices.

Features enabled by Machine learning have been growing in the background in iPhone and iPad, particularly in new models from the last 2 years, but now this will go into overdrive. Add 5g next year and the second wave will be ready to commence.

Naturally, stay tuned for other new iPad models models that may arrive later in the fall.

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