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Quack! New Trailer for Disney’s ‘Mighty Ducks: The Game Changers’



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The series will pick up where the film left off

Emilio Estevez is back and coming to Disney+, he will reprise his role from “Mighty Ducks” as hockey coach Gordon Bombay.  A new trailer just dropped the trailer and release date.

Set in present day in Minnesota, the new TV show based on the iconic movie takes place 30 years after the Mighty Ducks first took to the ice.  Unlike the movie, where the young hockey players were underdogs, this time around they are an ultra-competitive team.    Enter, young hockey player Evan, who gets cut from the team for not being good enough. Evan’s mom, Alex, played by Lauren Graham sets out to form a new team for any “misfits”. 

The new series will have a total of 10-episodes for the first season.  Disney+ will premier “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” on March 26, 2021. 

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