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New Trailer: Bill and Ted Face the Music



Original Official Trailer for “Bill & Ted Face the Music”

The new film mimics real life (sans 5 years or so) bringing the characters and actors together again after 30 years to reprise their excellent roles and adventures. Alex Winters and Keanu Reeves are back as Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted “Theodore” Logan to revisit the plot twists and add a few more 30 years older and still très excellent.

As is to be expected and adored, challenges abound and hilarity ensues, with the trailer already tinged with a sweet comic potency due to the aged dynamic duo faithfully playing their younger selves with no held back pride or shame at exposing themselves in decrepitude of the physical form due simply to the years gone by.

With no hard fast release date due to the uncertainty of the level safety that a theatrical celebration of such excellence would enjoy, summer is at least promised and that would be a righteous chance to party on to the new historical phase of in-theater celebration of celluloid for the next generation.

We hope in all certitude that the original date for release, which was August 23rd, can be help or at least will be in the vicinity of the actual theatrical one. Orion Pictures Release with distribution by Warner Brothers.

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